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What is the best way to transport perishable goods?

What is the best way to transport perishable goods?

In today’s globalized market, consumers expect better quality of goods and products, including perishable goods. Therefore, in order to secure the quality of perishable goods when they are shipped, it is important to know the best way to transport these goods as it involves a complicated process that needs more careful handling. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to transport perishable goods.

A perishable good is any product in which quality deteriorates due to environmental conditions through time, such as meat and meat by-products, fish and seafood, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, flowers, pharmaceutical products, and chemicals.

Given their chemical and physiological characteristics, these products have short lifespans. They are more susceptible to severe and irreparable damage during transport. To avoid this from happening, the key factors to keep in mind are time, isolation, and holding temperature.

Among all products and items being shipped, perishable goods are among the most widely distributed products around the world. They are delivered to retail stores and food establishments every day. However, delivering these goods entails several challenges. Below are some considerations to bear in mind when transporting perishable goods:

  • Pick the right mode of shipping

The majority of perishable goods are transported using vans and trailers that have cooling systems to keep products fresh. However, for international transport, an ocean or air freight is a better option as they also have controlled-temperature systems to keep goods safe and fresh. 

  • Choose the best 3PL service provider

Selecting the right delivery service is also crucial. 3PL companies do not only ship goods, but they also manage, handle and secure these goods to keep them safe and in good shape during the whole process.

  • Plan the delivery route and schedule.

All perishable goods have a limited shelf life, which means that they can rot or spoil during the shipping process. A good logistics company can plan the delivery routes and the time to prevent the goods from spoiling.

What are the Best Methods to Ship Perishable Goods?

What are the Best Methods to Ship Perishable Goods?

By Land

Trailers are good for transporting perishable goods since they have various cold systems which use ice or dry ice. Trains are also good for transporting perishable goods as they have an isolating lining and a special system for refrigeration, loading, and unloading goods.

By Air

To ship goods internationally, air is the best way to transport perishable goods. Each airport has a special area used solely for handling perishable goods where the temperature is controlled. Also, they have refrigerated chambers and freezers, and they provide customs inspection to ensure that the goods are kept at the optimal temperature.

The products most commonly shipped by air are fresh goods (fruit, vegetables, meats, etc.) and frozen goods (fruit, concentrates, fruit pulps, etc.)

By Sea

Ocean freight also offers refrigerated ships that are fully equipped with temperature systems to circulate air properly. Perishable goods can also be transported using refrigerated containers, commonly known as reefers. Usually, logistics operators are in charge of consolidation or deconsolidation. Before transporting perishable goods, a “temperature requirement sheet” is provided to indicate the temperature at which the product must be kept in the refrigerated container.

Perishable goods are some of the most common types of freights being delivered day by day. That is why it is crucial to know the best way to transport them as they need to be kept fresh all the time. Understanding the best shipping methods makes it possible to keep the excellent condition of fruits, vegetables, meats or fish imported or exported from other countries. Get in touch with us, we have years of experience.