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We are International Freight Forwarder and as your strategic partner in the distribution of international cargo, we offer you different solutions in receiving your cargo and correspondence with the speed and reliability you need, besides the following advantages:

  • Reception of documentation and cargo up to 50 kg.
  • Safe transportation of your cargo from all over the world at the best rates.
  • More competitive local expenses in storage terminals.
  • No customs broker fees.

IFS Group will transport anything you need no matter the distance, moving your cargo from the place you want to the place you need.

The service is provided through the ports of:

  • Matarani
  • Paita 
  • Callao

The average estimated time of the service is:

  • Asia is 7-12 days approx.
  • North America is 2-10 days approx.
  • Central America is 2-10 days approx.
  • South America is 1-8 days approx.
  • Oceania is 7-15 days approx.
  • Europe is 2-8 days approx.
  • Africa is 3-9 days approx.