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Export and Air Cargo / Projects


Company dedicated to the International and National Maritime and Air Cargo Transport founded in Peru since September 2000, which has its own infrastructure equipped with the latest technological advances, which allows it to provide an excellent after-sales service, informing in real time the status of your cargo and also anticipate any inconvenience before it occurs.

It has staff based on years of experience in the field that is highly qualified to share their knowledge and resources, guide you and help you choose the best option for your international transportation projects.

Export and Air Cargo / Projects


It has a worldwide coverage service through our global network of agents, which allows us to move your merchandise with the security you need.

From any origin, city or port in the world, Asia, Europe, the United States, South America, your cargo will arrive with the greater speed and efficiency that characterizes us.

We have agreements with the main maritime lines in the market, which allows us to offer weekly departures for their cargo from the main ports.


Transporte Marítimo De Exportación De Carga Fcl/Lcl

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Export and Air Cargo / Projects


Marley Gonzales

Export Customer Service Chief


Jungla Leon

Export Commercial Chief


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