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Project Logistics

Marley Gonzales

E. mgonzales@ifssac.com

T. +51 1 7062828

Project Logistics


Every project is a challenge

We are International Freight Forwarder and we know that these shipments demand a precise and safe approach, needing accurate schedules and professional knowledge of all elements required to handle large or heavy cargo for projects such as wind turbines.

The following steps are taken to ensure success in our Project Management:

  • Transportation evaluation | Risk assessment / Project Timeline Analysis | Door-to- door route analysis.
  • Warehousing, distribution, relaying, integrated zoning, and demand-driven nationalization.
  • Ocean cargo inspection | Supervision of port operations.
  • Planning and execution of heavy cargo handling| Support to establish customs exceptions when required.

The service is provided through the ports of:

  • Matarani
  • Paita
  • Callao

The average estimated time of the service is:

  • Asia is 30-38 days approx.
  • North America is 12-30 days approx.
  • Central America is 12-25 days approx.
  • South America is 3-25 days approx.
  • Oceania is 45-60 days approx.
  • Europe is 24-35 days approx.
  • Africa is 50-65 days approx.