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Air Cargo

Yajaira Llerena

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Air Cargo


Fast, Flexible, and Reliable

We are International Freight Forwarder and when time is critical, air cargo is your best option to optimize your supply chain and arrive on time in the face of high market demand.

Through our global network and our close relationship with the most representative carriers, we can offer a diversity of routes and connections to ensure on-time transportation of your cargo. Our team specialized in different types of cargo will be in contact in case you need to ship hazardous or perishable cargo.

The service is provided through Jorge Chávez International Airport.

The average estimated time of the service is:

  • Asia is 7-12 days approx.
  • North America is 2-10 days approx.
  • Central America is 2-10 days approx.
  • South America is 1-8 days approx.
  • Oceania is 7-15 days approx.
  • Europe is 2-8 days approx.
  • Africa is 3-9 days approx.