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Chancay Megaport and Territory Integration: A Great Challenge for Peru

Chancay Megaport

The recent international forum “Urban Integration in Port Cities: Experiences and Lessons Learned,” organized by WISTA Peru and the National University of San Marcos, highlighted the challenges and opportunities presented by the Chancay Megaport, regarding sustainable integration between the city and the port. With the participation of distinguished professionals from the industry, the importance of establishing a harmonious relationship that promotes joint development and benefits to the community, was discussed.

During the panel “Chancay Megaport: Towards a Sustainable City-Port Relationship,” various key aspects were addressed to achieve successful integration. The President of the National Port Authority (APN) of Peru, Manuel Hinojosa, emphasized the importance of adequate planning and concrete actions to integrate the city with the port. The APN has undertaken initiatives such as university forums, guided tours to port terminals and talks about environmental sustainability activities, to strengthen this relationship.

On his part, the district mayor of Chancay, Juan Álvarez, highlighted the need for support from the state to carry out the urban development plan. He also emphasized the importance of improving education and training for young people in the sector, taking advantage of the economic opportunities brought by the new port.

Gonzalo Ríos, Deputy General Manager at Cosco Shipping Ports Chancay Peru, highlighted his company’s commitment to being an integral part of Chancay’s development, contributing to closing social gaps. He pointed out that the port has considered the demands of the residents to minimize its impact on the city, becoming the first privately-owned port for public use.

Chancay Megaport
Chancay Megaport

The Chancay Megaport project represents a great challenge for Peru in terms of urban integration and sustainable development. Collaboration between public entities, private companies, and the community is essential to ensure balanced growth and mutual benefit for the port and the city. Institutional cooperation agreements and plans in areas such as health, education, housing, and tourism demonstrate the commitment to address identified needs. With a comprehensive approach and a long-term vision, the Chancay Megaport has the potential to become a successful model for integrating port infrastructure and developing sustainable communities.