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Sailing the Digital Future: An Interview with Dror Levy from WaveBL

The maritime world is embarking on a digital revolution, transforming centuries-old traditional processes. In an exclusive interview with Container News, Dror Levy, Vice President of Customer Success at WaveBL, sheds light on the challenges and opportunities of digitization in the maritime industry. From standardizing documents to customized solutions, Levy highlights the crucial role of WaveBL and shares his vision for the future.

Perspective on Maritime Digitization:

Dror Levy is enthusiastic about the current transition from paper to electronic shipping information, thanks to regulatory advancements like the 2023 Electronic Commercial Documents Act. He points out that this shift has made international trade more efficient and sustainable. While still in development, Levy emphasizes the importance of standardization and collaboration across the industry.

The Role of WaveBL:

In the digital revolution of trade and maritime transport, WaveBL stands out as a pioneer and driving force. Levy highlights the flexibility and innovation of WaveBL, assisting customers and partners in digitizing entire networks. WaveBL’s platform, backed by blockchain technology, leads the transformation from electronic bill of lading to sophisticated solutions throughout the maritime supply chain.

Exceptional Solutions:

WaveBL is not just a provider of digital platforms; it is a facilitator of the digital transformation. Levy mentions that they collaborate with various stakeholders, from carriers to banks, to optimize the transition from analog to digital. Thanks to strategic partnerships, WaveBL adapts its solutions in real-time to address the needs of an industry that experiences constant changes.

Challenges in Digital Transition:

Digitization clashes with entrenched processes and economic challenges. Levy acknowledges that the maritime industry faces post-Covid disruptions, embargoes, and a global recession. In response, WaveBL not only offers technological solutions but also acts as a catalyst for collaboration across the links of the supply chain.

In conclusion, looking to the future, Levy foresees a blend of technological advancements, regulatory changes, and industry trends. In the next 5 to 10 years, he anticipates increased standardization and digitization of data and documents, the construction of resilient supply chains, and growing attention to fraud prevention and sustainability. Committed to making the digital transition as smooth as possible, WaveBL aims to lead the industry toward an agile, efficient, and customer-centric future.

Source: Interview with Dror Levy, Vice President of Customer Success at WaveBL, Container News, September 27, 2023