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Beyond the Grapes: Bloom Fresh Predictions for the Table Grape Industry in 2024

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, Bloom Fresh’s executive team unveils insightful projections for the global table grape industry. Kenneth Avery, CEO of Bloom Fresh, foresees a shift in the supply chain landscape, offering a glimpse into a year that could mark significant changes in logistics and market dynamics.

Avery acknowledges the challenges faced in 2023, attributing them to the logistical complexities arising from global pressures on the supply chain and transportation. However, he envisions a positive transformation as these pressures ease, potentially resulting in a decrease in input prices and shipping costs across the industry. This is expected to encourage producers worldwide to expand their operations, driven by a growing consumer appetite for table grapes.

Exports by Region:

Avery’s predictions extend to specific regions, highlighting Peru’s continued leadership in global table grape exports. Peru aims to expand its supply windows, strategically focusing on delivering high-quality seedless green grapes to North America. Additionally, there is optimism around Chile’s exports, recovering from historically low figures in the previous season. Contributing factors to this resurgence include improved product quality, strong industry relationships, and new genetic and market opportunities.

Growth Drivers:

South Africa and Australia find opportunities in the promising performance and quality of BLOOM varieties. Sweet Celebration in South Africa and the Sweet Sapphire and Sweet Globe grape varieties in Australia are poised for growth, driven by improved product quality and favorable market conditions.

New Varieties:

Jennifer Maguire, Director of Global Licensing at Bloom Fresh, anticipates exciting developments in new table grape varieties in 2024. Despite global weather challenges impacting volumes in California and Peru, market conditions for table grapes are robust. Bloom Fresh, known for its commitment to diverse and flavorful grape varieties, is ready to introduce new options. Grapes like Cotton Candy™ and the strawberry-flavored Candy Snaps™ have been consumer favorites, aligning with healthy snacking trends.

Maguire reveals that Bloom Fresh is actively working on new varieties, including grapes with antioxidant levels surpassing blueberries. She notes an overall optimistic market environment, renewing interest in vineyard investments, variety improvements, and increase in consumption.

In conclusion, as we navigate the complexities of the global table grape industry, Bloom Fresh’s projections paint a picture of resilience and growth. The expected developments in supply chain dynamics, regional exports, and innovative grape varieties signal a promising and exciting year for industry stakeholders.